What Can I Do With My Communications Degree?

Last Update: 21st August 2018

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In today’s society, effective communication is more important than ever. And this is where you come in.. With entry level jobs for communications students.

New media platforms, new digital technology, and global product innovation mean that when, how, and where we exchange information is quickly changing.

Luckily, if you’ve graduated with a communications degree, you’ll have a some skills that address this.

You’ll be able to communicate well with a wide range of audiences, research and analyse data, and provide detailed information, to name a few.

As a result, there are lots of grad opportunities for communications majors.

If you’re currently wondering where your degree could take you, why not take a look below at some of the possibilities?

Marketing Entry Level Jobs For Communication Students

A popular pathway for communications graduates to take is in marketing.

Marketing is often confused with advertising (which is just one slice of the marketing pie).

It involves connecting buyers and sellers for a product or service.

There are many different sides of marketing, from market research to creating content.

Some roles that communications graduates would thrive in are:

  • Copywriter (developing text for ads)
  • Media planner (choosing media outlets for advertising campaigns)
  • Content creator/marketer (developing and sharing marketing materials to new customers)
  • Digital marketer (developing media strategies over several digital platforms)
  • Advertising account executive/planner (Main point of communication for clients. Also involves developing ad campaigns and communication strategies)

For more marketing style jobs check out this article.


Public Relations Entry Level Jobs For Communication Students

Public relations (PR) is another popular area for communications grads.

This area focuses on building relationships rather than just promoting a product or service.

Businesses will always worry about how the public views them. PR professionals help them build a good public image.

You’ll be constantly developing and maintaining relationships in a PR role.

PR roles can involve a number of different aspects, such as:

  • Event planning (organising and carrying out events such as press conferences)
  • Writing and editing (preparing written media such as press releases, articles, and reports)
  • Media production (knowledge of how to effectively use technology to convey messages won’t hurt in a PR role!)
  • Internal and external relations (communicating with both employees and external parties to gather information)


Digital Media and Creative Services

Much of the world’s communication now happens digitally and online.

This means that there are more chances for grads to take up a digital and/or creative role.

These guys are responsible for managing content across a range of channels (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Sometimes, they can even create content themselves.

This can take a number of different forms, such as:

  • Social media manager/coordinator (organise content over social media, interact with the online community, and analyse trends)
  • Blogger/vlogger (create written/video content yourself or for a brand, to be shared online)
  • Content creator (the creative behind-the-scenes roles such as graphic designer, photographer, and videographer)
  • Artistic director/assistant (responsible for the design and layout of print and media campaigns)


Busy Communications Graduates

Journalism and Media

If you specialise in writing, a career in journalism is something to consider.

If you enjoy keeping up with current events, writing about specific topics and can explain difficult concepts in a clear and concise way, journalism may be the path for you.

  • Editor (oversee the writing and publishing process)
  • Editorial assistant (facilitate communication between writers and editors)
  • Freelance writer (being your own boss – take up independent writing jobs for magazines, newspapers, and blogs)
  • Reporter (conducting interviews and informing the public about news, stories, and events)


Business and Organisational

If you’re not into the creative, front-end side of things, you could look into using your skills in a more organisational role.

Communication skills are key to the smooth running of a company, no matter how big or small.

These skills are useful in a number of roles, such as:

  • Human Resources professional (the link between an organisation and its employees, involving hiring new recruits and key communications with staff)
  • Grants/Development officer (using persuasive writing and research skills to promote an organisation’s cause)
  • Client services representative (acting as the link between a company and its customers)
  • Management consultant (employed by an organisation to help improve their operations and efficiency)


Sales Handshake

Sales Entry Level Jobs For Communication Students

Last but not least, if none of the other areas appeal to you, you may enjoy working in sales.

This might not be the first area that comes to mind, but the skills from your degree can actually be very useful in this sector!

These skills can help you persuade and pitch to a range of customers, or analysing your client’s needs.

Here are some roles in sales which might appeal to you:

  • Advertising sales coordinator (responsible with managing the sales of advertising and media space)
  • Sales representative (the main goal is to sell your company’s products)
  • Brand ambassador (paid to endorse or promote a company’s product or service)
  • Customer service representative (interact with customers on behalf of an organisation)


Where To Next For Entry Level Jobs For Communication Students?

Roles for communications graduates are by no means limited to these six industries.

Hopefully you now have a clearer idea of where you’d like to start your career!

If you have any other ideas or experiences for communications grads, share them below!


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