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Last Update: 21st August 2018

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What Jobs Can You Get With A Business Administration Degree?


Are you a student considering a Business Administration degree but still undecided on your chosen career path? Don’t worry. The raw potential of a degree in business will propel you into a successful career path. As technology changes economics in unpredictable ways, your ability to navigate the business world and adapt will make you a valuable asset to any company.

A Business major will teach you the necessary skills for a wide range of job opportunities. You will learn how to communicate clearly, make informed decisions, and organize your work and time efficiently. These essential skills will provide you with a foundation for a successful business career. A commitment to gaining experience and creating new strategies will guarantee you a great job and high salary.

The economy is recovering and that means more employment and more administration opportunities. Studying Business Administration opens up a world of possibilities. Here are just a few examples of popular jobs and career choices for your degree.



High Paying Career Fields For Business Graduates…



Accounting / Finance



Accountants focus on a business’ incoming and outgoing money. As an accountant, you will use the administrative and organizational skills of your business degree. Your responsibilities include handling and recording of company financial records, taxes, and other company finances.



Any reputable business needs an auditing service. When dealing with large sums of money, big businesses will pay big bucks to ensure they are crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s. Auditing requires discipline and attention to detail. Your job is to conduct financial examinations and catch and correct any mistakes.

Job growth in the accounting and auditing sector is expected to be nearly 10% in the next decade, which means the demand for accounting and auditing work will rise significantly.



Advertising & Marketing


Ad Campaign Manager

The world of advertising is increasingly complex. There is a huge demand for business majors with advertising knowledge. As an ad campaign manager, you will be responsible for strategizing and optimizing ads in order to promote a business, boost sales, and increase awareness of your company brand.

Salaries vary based on the level of ads and your audience size. Many jobs pay bonuses based on clicks and impressions of ads. If you are can be creative and build a strategy to get more viewers, you will make more money.


Market Research Analyst

This field requires critical analytical skills. Different kinds of software will be your tools to study market conditions, so you will need to be comfortable with computers. Duties include identifying target audiences, monitoring and forecasting sales trends, and analyzing relevant data.

The Bureau of Labour estimates job growth by a staggering 23% by 2026. The average salary for a research analyst last year was 70 thousand and is expected to rise as demand increases.





City Manager

The chief executor of a municipality is a lucrative career which many business graduates aspire to. City managers have a full and diverse workload. In addition to making budget recommendations and write policy for city staff and services, city managers oversee many different municipal departments are responsible for appointing staff.

This job is suited for politically-minded business students who are highly skilled at managing money as well as people. Last year, average annual income for city managers was $194,350.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Of course, one of the most prestigious positions in business is that of a CEO. Chief Executive Officers make anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions a year depending on the size of the company they manage. CEOs hold the highest level of authority and responsibility within a corporation. They make all the big decisions, set goals and appoint people to manage various departments, and oversee all company activity.

Salaries for Chief Executive Officers vary based on the size of the company. Your decisions will guide not only your personal pay check, but the direction your company takes.



Sales & Buyers


Purchasing Agent

A purchasing agent deals with suppliers and negotiates contracts. Responsibilities include purchasing products and supplies on behalf of the company. You will have to balance price, quality, and efficiency to find the best product for your budget. This usually requires a lot of independent decision making.

An associate degree in business administration or something similar can land you a job as a purchasing agent. If you are seeking a manager position you will require a bachelor’s degree with a few years of experience in a purchasing role. An alternative job with similar requirements is a director of materials management.

Sales Manager

This position oversees customer sales and outgoing product from a business. You will set goals and quotas, track sales records, and develop training programs for sales representatives in order to make the company workforce more efficient. It also falls under your role to resolve customer complaints, analyze projected sales, and calculate the profitability of your products and services.

Sales managers are paid either by salary or by incentives and often both. The average salary can easily be in the six-figure range.



Human Resources


Human Resources Manager

Human resources positions demand a high level of interpersonal skills. You will serve as a liaison between management and employees. Other tasks include recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and disciplinary procedures for employees. It is important to recognize employees’ talents, strengths, and weaknesses in order to advise management on how to best organize the workforce.

Good judgment is essential for a job in human resources. You will be responsible for equal opportunity of employment, sexual harassment regulations, interpersonal conflicts, and other types of mediation. Salaries can be upwards of $120,000.





Business Consultant

A business consultant is constantly searching for a strategic edge to improve the structure and efficiency within a company. Consulting roles usually include creating action plans to improve efficiency. You will analyze data to develop record management programs and recommend structural and policy changes.

It takes a creative edge to boost company performance; a business degree gives you part of your credibility and results give you the rest. Leaving a company better than you found it is incredibly fulfilling and will give you a jumpstart into a senior management position.



Your Options Are Limitless!

Wherever your business career takes you, studying business administration can get you the perfect job suited to your skills. Studying business will also provide you with a solid knowledge base and the relevant skills for success.

Business is competitive. You need something that will give you a cutting edge in a diverse and complex market. Your degree will spark the beginning of your career and set you up for a lucrative job. Markets ebb and flow, but knowing what you want to do and building a valuable skillset will help you to navigate a constantly changing economy.


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