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Last Update: 21st August 2018

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When I was at uni, I had a lot of free time. I could go to the gym, play basketball, work part-time, study and even get to class most of the time.

However, when you leave university, it is often hard to find the time to get the same kind of work/life balance that was once so freely available.

If you’re fortunate enough to land full-time work straight out of university you may find yourself in a very new environment; an environment that consequently has strong demands on you, your time and your energy.

When it comes to this point in your life, work can soon overwhelm and consume the recent shining graduate that once bounced out of bed at 8am. Creating and defining a new kind of balance in your life is essential to lowering stress, anxiety and achieving an overall ‘happy life’.


Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance can be a hard term to define. If you asked Google to define the term, it’s all about getting things into the right proportion.

I used to once think that I had great work/life balance. I used to wake up at 4.30am, read until 5.10am then get ready to the gym by 5.30am. Then I’d do my thing for an hour and get home just after 7. After that, I would have breakfast, shower and do whatever, and be at my desk by 8. Finally, I’d work until 5/5.30 and knock off in time to watch the sunset at the beach.

I thought that was a pretty good life. But then, I met someone really special.


This isn’t a lovey-dovey piece, but when I met this special someone I learned a lot about work/life balance. Although I was disciplined, I struggled when my routine was thrown out. And although I was happy, I soon learned that I could be a whole lot happier.


Work/life balance doesn’t come from ‘doing your thing’. That soon becomes boring and lonely.


Work/Life Balance Is About Sharing

Work/life balance comes from sharing your thing. For example, when I first met my girlfriend, I didn’t want to share my business life with her. I felt like it was a very overwhelming thing to talk about to someone who I had only just met.


So we talked about everything else for a while; We went on loads of cool and exciting dates, and then eventually I asked them to be my girlfriend.


We’ve just paced through 4 very memorable weeks of my life, but it happened so fast because I found so much more happiness outside of my business when I could share my life with someone and something else.


When I finally allowed myself to start talking about my business they started contributing with some truly groundbreaking ideas. Amazingly, they helped me propel to a whole new level at the time!


So, for me, creating more work/life balance was stumbled upon when I found somebody that had contrasting goals to me. I was forced to reassess my own priorities to see if I was doing things right for me/us in the long term.


Now, work/life balance is massive for me. I work 6 days a week, but always take at least one full day off, and try not to work too hard on a Saturday.


We have a date night once a week and explore once a week as well. I also still get most of the balance I had when I was single, but now, when I’m not working, I’m doing things that I truly enjoy; They fulfill me. And to be honest, my stress levels have dropped immensely and I feel much more comfortable in my own skin.


If you want balance, find some who you can share your life with.


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