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Last Update: 21st August 2018

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Do you feel the pressure to find a job that fits with your degree?

As you near graduation, the search for entry level jobs for marketing majors heats up!

The job search can be daunting.

However, finding that perfect entry level jobs for marketing majors can open doors later on in your professional career.

So, where do you start?

A great first step is researching and learning about the various entry level positions in your field.

This will help you get an idea of what positions you want to apply for.

It will also help you to figure out what positions may be ideal for your skill set and interests.

You can then be better prepared to apply for the position you want as you’ll have a greater understanding of the role.



Many entry level positions available in the marketing field allow for an opportunity to apply and build on skills developed during your studies.

Skills such as interpersonal relationscreative and critical thinkingattention to detailcommunication, organization, and planning are important for positions in marketing.

Keep these skills in mind when composing your resume and applying for entry level marketing jobs.

The job search can be intimidating and difficult to navigate.

To help, here are some entry level positions that are well-suited for graduates pursuing a position in the marketing field.

If you are seeking an entry level marketing job where you can demonstrate and improve your strong interpersonal and communication skills, we’ve got you covered.


Want to work with customers and clients directly?

We’ve also found the positions for you!

Please note: All position incomes are only a guide and the dollar values are based upon the U.S dollar.


If you’re not big on reading we’ve made you this video to help you find Entry Level Jobs For Marketing Majors.


Sales – $38,000

An entry level position in sales can differ depending on the industry, but it provides an opportunity to apply and build on skills important in the field of marketing.

Entry level sales positions can also be a great way to establish yourself within a company and opens doors for movement within the company.

A position in sales allows you to further develop strong interpersonal and creative thinking skills that are common for marketing majors and critical for graduates pursuing a career in marketing.


Marketing Sales Representative – $56,169

In the role of a marketing sales representative, interpersonal skills are important as this entry level position includes working with various customers and clients.

Much of this role focuses on product knowledge and customer satisfaction.



Public Relations Specialist – $44,000 

A public relations specialist is responsible for communicating and upholding a positive reputation of a company, client, or product to the general public.

This often takes the form of regulating the information received by the public that pertains to a company, client, or product you represent.

A PR specialist is typically responsible for press releases, speeches, press conferences, and other public appearances and messages.


Public Relations Sass


Customer Service Representative – Telemarketing – $48,936 

Customer service representatives in telemarketing complete tasks such as conducting research for a new business to contact through cold calls and warm calls.

The role consists of establishing sales opportunities for new businesses by using email initiatives, cold calling, and other various resources.



Account Executive – $52,190 

An account executive is responsible for creating and maintaining a large network of people who may benefit the business that has an account with you. The objective is to help the business increase profits over the long term.

Marketing Associate – $43,000

The position of a marketing associate involves working on and developing strategies for the effective sale of products.

A significant aspect of a marketing associate’s job is extensive product knowledge.

As an entry level marketing position, skills such as creativity, interpersonal relations, communication, and presentation are important.

If you are seeking an entry level marketing job that involves tasks such as strategic planning, effective execution of a strategy, and analytical thinking then you may want to consider applying for positions such as:


Marketing Analyst – $69,945

A marketing analyst is responsible for conducting, analyzing, and reporting information to educate a company or client about ways to become more profitable.

The information collected by a marketing analyst may include quantitative and qualitative data relaying customer satisfaction levels, testing new products, and assessing and analyzing a customer’s needs.

The collection of such information allows the marketing analyst to compose reports and strategies to aid a company or client to better understand customer perceptions.



Marketing Assistant – $46,023

The position of a marketing assistant consists of assisting throughout the process of composing and executing marketing strategies.

The tasks and responsibilities in this role can vary depending on the marketing strategy, but the main objective is to assist and support marketing strategies and campaigns throughout each aspect of the process.

Advertisers – $48,765

An entry level advertising position is available in 3 types of organizations:

  1. Advertisers
  2. Media
  3. Agencies

The role itself can vary depending on which organization it falls under. For example, advertising agency entry level positions can include roles in media, research, and account management.

Most commonly, entry level advertising positions take the form of copywriters or similar.



Retailers – $39,000

A position as a retailer is usually found in a company’s training program for management.

An entry level marketing job as a retailer commonly falls under the title of an assistant department manager or assistant purchaser, with a good chance of advancing quickly to a new role within the company.



For those seeking an entry level marketing job that provides an opportunity for independence and the application of entrepreneurial skills, a suitable may be in business development.


Business Development Representative – $63,676

A business development representative cultivates relationships with current and potential future clients.

They assist in generating leads for a company’s product or service.

The role may also include promoting cross-selling products and services of companies and clients managed by the business development representative.


What Else Can I Do To Find Entry Level Jobs For Marketing Majors?

While all of these jobs are entry level marketing jobs, the duties and responsibilities can vary greatly between positions. It is helpful to consider what role you wish to pursue and what skills you possess that can be applied to the job.


When applying for entry level marketing jobs it is crucial to remember that you are marketing yourself to an employer.

In other words, how you present yourself to a potential employer is incredibly important because this will indicate how you will market in your future job.

Uncover your personal brand and dig deep on what makes you unique, then flow this through into your application process.


Creative Resume`

So, once you find your groove, use it to differentiate yourself from other graduates looking for similar positions. It may seem challenging to start, but when you soon find your entry level jobs for marketing majors, it will become part of your daily practices.



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