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What Can I Do With A Business Degree? Anything! The beauty of a Business career path is that you can work in just about any industry.

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If you’re someone who enjoys the professionalism and high-powered nature of big business, a business degree may be the right choice to make for you. You could earn yourself a high-status, high-salary career in a number of different industries and niches

Why Choose a Career in Business?

Getting a major in business is a great way to develop many of the transferable skills needed for use in a business environment.

With a major in business, people often wonder what they can do after graduation; what sort of careers will be suitable for them with their new qualifications? How can they best use their skills? Read to know more.

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What Jobs Can You Do With A Bachelor In Business?

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is an ever growing sector. After all, you can’t have a successful business if you’re not reaching your ideal customers in a way that appeals to them. Marketing refers to a number of different activities you can perform on and offline to help promote a product or service. Marketing needs both business-focused and creative minds, and you can do this work in a dedicated department of a company or even as an outside consultant.



If you’re confident that you know the basics of business, you could start your own. It isn’t simple, but if you have a good idea and a passion for something, it could be the right step to take for you. See if you can brainstorm some ideas and some problems you know people currently face and come up with something you might like to start in.



Getting a job at a consulting company can be a great place to start if you know you’re interested in business but you aren’t quite sure what sector you’re most interested in. Businesses will bring in these firms for another perspective on what they are doing, usually to help solve a problem.

This could be a problem with finance, management, efficiency, communication or something entirely different. Consulting will let you see all kinds of industries, how they work, and you will be able to find a position suited to your particular skills – or you might like to stay in consulting.


Financial Planning

If you’re also good with money, you might like to help people prepare for retirement, or come up with investment plans. Bear in mind that you may need to take certification tests, as well.



Communication skills are crucial in any business. You will likely be able to find a role in sales in just about any company, so make sure you choose something that interests you. This work is usually very goal-oriented so be prepared.


Hotel General Manager

A hotel general manager will plan and manage most activities related to the day-to-day operations of the hotels they manage. There isn’t much that they don’t do!


Account Executive

Account executives tend to work in a number of industries. They mostly focus on managing business relationships between their companies and customers.


Construction Project Manager

Construction project managers typically create budgets and plans for developing or maintaining buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures. If you have an interest in construction or creating things, this could be a good idea for you and your skillset.


Media Supervisor

Media supervisors work alongside media researchers, buyers, and planners, overseeing what they do and making sure the right ads appear on the internet, in newspapers, during radio and TV shows, and so on. Their goal is to take care of a company’s media budget and ensure it is spent in the most productive way possible.


Business Development Manager

If you decide to take on the role of a business development manager, you would be exploring business opportunities, perhaps by optimizing current revenue streams or by developing new ones. You would also identify key strategic partnerships, gather information on customers and competitors, and aim to understand competitors in the industry.


Other Business Major Career Ideas

If you haven’t found something here that excites you, remember that there are plenty of other things you can do with a business major. That’s the great thing about it – the options are almost limitless! You can make your business degree relevant to careers far beyond what has been mentioned.

Consider your interests and how these can be applied to your career. A business major could allow you to blend all of your interests into one job.



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