10 Things About Business He Didn’t Learn From A Business Degree

Last Update: 21st August 2018

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10 Things About Business He Didn’t Learn From His Business Studies


1. How To Future Proof As An Individual

One of the biggest fears of people over the next 2 decades is whether or not they are going to remain relevant. Will they be defeated by a robot? Or will they stand the test of time as a unique service offering that maintains its value to people?

2. The Importance of Selling Yourself

Whether you’re starting a business, going for a job or working in your job; selling yourself is critical to success. You need to know what your strengths are. You need to know your weaknesses, but most importantly, you need to know where you bring value where other people don’t. And you need to communicate this in such a way that others can see/believe your worth.

3. What A Quality Culture FEELS Like

You learn about organisations, hierarchies and how culture promotes growth, but have you ever heard anyone mention what it feels like to work in a place that values your input, your individualism and helps deliver your effectiveness?

4. How To Achieve Your First Customer or Client

Similar to selling yourself, the importance of marketing applies to all industries and categories from IT and Accounting to fitness and health.

Whether you’re bound to be an investment banker or an accountant, you need to know how to onboard customers to bring value to the organisation. In this hyper-competitive world, one of the most difficult things to do is to grow a customer base. So if you can help the business you work for to do this, then you have just 10x’ed your value to the organisation.

5. The Significance Of Productivity

The term productivity doesn’t mean much while at uni because there is generally an abundance of time available for most everyday tasks. However, when you begin working or building your business you soon realise that time is not an infinite resource. In some instances, time and workloads are broken down into blocks as small as 6 minutes and you must be answerable to your 6-minute blocks.

This new paradigm can bear unbelievable amounts of stress on students entering the workforce and bright students can struggle in the workplace.

Prepare yourself as you begin to adjust to life with productivity.

6. Productivity vs. Effectiveness

Whilst productivity generally means production output as a result of time input. Effectiveness can mean something completely different, yet they are both striving for the same outcome; success.

In this instance, you may appear to be unproductive in the short term, but so long as you are working on something that will provide exceptional value in the long term, you shouldn’t sweat the loss of productivity.

7. How To Get A Job

While you’re at uni you are studying, you may be working part-time and you may be participating in extrcurricular activities. All this is an attempt to plump up the resume so that in the end you are employable.

Well sadly, for myself and many others, that wasn’t enough to be employable on day 1. Getting a job can take months of hard work and hundreds of hours applying for jobs. In the end, the jobs that you land can have a very low correlation with the direct work that you put in to get them. It is a host of indirect factors which land you the gig (who you know, how you are perceived online and a bunch of unrelated tests).

8. How To Start A Business

Everything around the ‘concept of business’ is taught, but it’s generally all to gear you up for a theoretical job.

What if you don’t plan on getting a job? You’re left stranded. While if you do plan on getting a job, there is still the chance that you might like to start a business in the not so distant future… Not even a mention of it in a degree…

9. How To Network

Building a network, whether it’s in person or online, is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself. Building a network creates leverage in your life and surrounds you with a bunch of experts who can all help you to level up in life.

10. What Business Will Look Like In 5 Years Time

Business, when I graduated 3 years ago, looked a whole lot different to how it does now and that’s just 3 years.

Now you need to know how to link in multiple operating systems and leverage productivity apps and web tools to be effective in everyday work. When I was studying there was no mention of the operating software that was becoming industry standards. We didn’t use apps for any of our course materials and there certainly wasn’t any mention of AI.

Some of this has changed, but for those still studying the rate of change between studies and work becomes even greater as education begins to be seen as the sleeping giant in a world of hyper ninjas.


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